Vote to unify Palmetto Bay on Nov. 6. Stop Bullying and divisive politics.

Election ballot box

Please CLICK HERE to view the latest South Dade Updates message wherein I lay out my recommendations for the upcoming Palmetto Bay Vice Mayor and District 2 elections. I have proudly endorsed both Karyn Cunningham for Vice Mayor of Palmetto Bay and Howard Tendrich for re-election to the Palmetto Bay Council District #2. My commitment […]

Great news. It is official. Palmetto Bay’s Village Hall receives Platinum LEED certification.

Palmetto Bay Village Hall

Councilman Howard Tendrich advised me that the news is official – Palmetto Bay Village Hall has officially received the LEED PLATINUM certification. I am thankful that this recognition has been finally been made official.  Many communities will be “Green” with envy.  This building sets the standard for sustainability. It’s going to provide great savings to […]

Update on Palmer litigation. The story of hubris and a very missed opportunity to settle from a position of strength

daedalus - icarus

I am posting this article not because I am taking a side. I am posting this article because you have a right to know, regardless of which side you are on in this very devisive issue. The Palmer story could have ended during the period of June 12, up to July 3, 2012, after Palmetto Bay […]

From Pinecrest e-news: Pinecrest council co-sponsors October is National Bullying Prevention Month with 5 area schools. Can they help Palmetto Bay?

No to bullies

Mayor Cindy Lerner has established a great working relationship with the Pinecrest Public Schools. Check out the latest Pinecrest E-News. Pinecrest kicked-off the No Place for Hate program, an anti-bullying initiative, for the coming year in collaboration with five public schools. As part of the initiative, Pinecrest held a community event on September 21st celebrating […]

Deering Estate event – timely for Halloween – Do you know where the ghosts are?

Deering Ghost Tours

Full details are available on the official Deering website.  This is a three-part series of tours where each month the Deering Staff focus on different aspects of the paranormal investigations at the Deering Estate. Hey recommend that you experience all three! These are walking tours and if weather permits – we do go out on […]

CCOCI attorney Tucker Gibbs Registered Lobbyist before Palmetto Bay on Child Day Care facilities


Attorney Tucker Gibbs represents homeowner groups, he has represented groups in Palmetto Bay such as the Concerned Citizens of Old Cutler, Inc. (CCOCI), he has represented current council member Joan Lindsay (check the disclosure by clicking below) and he has represented a group known as the Falls Preschool, LLC,(located at 600 SW First Street, Miami, […]

An unfair tale of two cities: An open letter to Mayor Stanczyk: Let’s compare Palmetto Bay to Key Biscayne which now has planned for more $13 million in unallocated reserves, not the City of Miami when budgeting.

Budget over spending

Palmetto Bay is not the City of Miami. It should be compared to the Village of Key Biscayne where the Key Biscayne Council just passed their budget with a $1.3 million surplus which will be added to the $12 million that the Village had in the bank.  This in the same budget year that Palmetto […]

Constitution Amendment / local Palmetto Bay Charter Change ballot issue reviews. Second of series. State proposed Constitution Amendment #4.


Amendment #4 is a proposal that seeks to provide Save Our Home (SOH) style protection for non-homestead property.  It also prohibits local governments from ‘recapturing’ the gap between the taxable (SOH protected value) and assessed values from homeowners in years where the values decline, but the value remains above the SOH protected rate (those are […]

Consitution Amendment / local Palmetto Bay Charter Change ballot issue reviews. #1. State Amendment #5. ‘Reforms’ would threaten rights, politicize justice

Election ballot box

This looks like a year to steer clear of many proposed State Constitutional Amendments statewide as well as local Palmetto Bay Charter Changes locally.  Many read innocently, but unfortunately a benign title belies a more sinister or hidden proposed result. I will be running a series on various state ballot constitutional proposals as well as […]

Palmetto Bay Vice Mayor race update. Karyn Cunningham endorsed by School Board Vice Chair, Dr. Lawrence “Larry” Feldman

KC Campaign logo

Great news for those concerned with maintaining a solid partnership with education in Palmetto Bay.  Karyn Cunningham is your candidate for Vice mayor. She has been a strong advocate for education.  Now we can put her talents to use for us, the Palmetto Bay residents, as our next Vice Mayor. She knows our representatives in […]

Pets’ Trust update – Mayor Stanczyk, It is time to publicly take a stand


Yes, once again I am calling out current Palmetto Bay Shelley Stanczyk and calling upon her to get off the fence and take a positive stand.  Madam Mayor, you have attended the Pets’ Trust events and participated in the Photo Ops. Now it is time to state your support publicly for the Pets’ Trust.  Are […]

Pets’ Trust Update


A message from Michael Rosenberg, President, Pets’ Trust: To the wonderful supporters of The Pets’ Trust….. Two weeks from tonight (starting the evening of October 5th), while all of you are comfy in your beds…..I will be spending my first night in the cages of animal services. I will be surrendered just as any other […]

Village History Update – 10 year anniversary


I will be posting some historical information that I have regarding Palmetto Bay’s past history in honor of Palmetto Bay’s 10 year anniversary. This is a first instalment. It covers a brief time line from petitions for incorporation to the start of the Palmetto Bay Municipal Advisory Committee (PBMAC). Click “Read more” below to view […]

The escalation of gutter politics. Let’s vote out bad leadership in November. Village candidate chases apparent political sign stealer all over Miami | Featured


Village candidate chases apparent political sign stealer all over Miami | Featured Read this article recent posted online with the Palmetto Bay News entitled “Village candidate chases apparent political sign stealer all over Miami.”  It should upset you.  This is yet another example of bad leadership.  What drives a Village resident, a PTA parent, to […]

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