Free Bumper Stickers Available At Our Office

We have these two bumper stickers available free of charge at our district office. We cover many neighborhoods and communities, but residents and voters of these two crucial communities in our district are highly organized and vigilant of anything that may endanger their area and their future.

Note: If you live in any other neighborhood in our district, we may have a bumper sticker for your neighborhood as well. Feel free to call our office and inquire on availability.


Commissioner Souto is requesting that all residents report any of the following issues: trash piles, shopping carts, non-illuminated lights, Damaged trees, street flooding, clogged street drains, and broken sidewalks by calling our District Office (305-222-2116) or send us an email at We also would ask you to please call 311 if you need to schedule a Trash Pile for pick-up.

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