Athletes Train, Administrators Advance Academics

While Miami Christian School is gearing up to begin another school year (classes start Wednesday, Aug. 22), those students participating in football, bowling, cross country and ladies’ volleyball have already begun their training.

Student athletes and others scoring at the highest level in standardized testing are also focused on choosing their study concentrations, deciding in which local, regional and national academic competitions they’ll participate this year.

Students qualified for the new Scholar’s Program, one of MCS’s new academic ventures, will also be working on collaborative projects, including participants Andrea Sinclair and Melissa Gonzalez.

* * *

In anticipation of new academic ventures at MCS, Tony Vincent, President and CEO of will fly here from Phoenix, Arizona, to train teachers on the integration of technology into group collaborative projects during the orientation period. Vincent, a leading national expert on technology and education, provides annual training to the MCS faculty who utilize laptops and Smart Boards in the classroom.

* * *

In another new academic venture for the year, Dr. Timothy Sanchez, President of the Evangelical University of Bolivia, met with MCS Engineering Instructor, Margot Youssef, to discuss teaching a college engineering course on the campus of MCS for Honors and Scholars students this year. A possible agreement to grant college credit for this course is being discussed.

* * *

Associate School Head Dr. Teri Logan reports that as 39 graduates of the Class of 2012 head to college, nearly 70% will attend a university or college on scholarship offers totaling over $600,000. Class members continue to excel and achieve as they enter a new chapter in their lives, and we expect they’ll continue to participate in community service and volunteer activities as well.

* * *

Middle and high school students are looking forward to the annual MCS “Back to School Bash” scheduled Monday, Aug. 20, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., always a fun day to catch up with friends before hitting the books and the best way to kick off a new school year. * * * Re-enrollment is open for the 2012- 2013 school year. Those interested in touring and getting registration information may contact Donna Gehring at 305- 221-7754 ext. 773. Also check out MCS on Facebook <> and more from the web site, including the new Scholar’s Program in high school grades for 2012- 13.

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