Stories written by Scott Baumann

Are you committed or just interested

If New Year’s didn’t inspire you, maybe the Winter Olympics have. If you are like most of us, motivation seems to come and go. It is hard to stay motivated all of the time, no matter what your goals are. This is especially true when it comes to our health and fitness goals. Sometimes watching […]

Is there an ‘A’ in success?

People often ask me “What is the secret? How are so many of your clients so successful at getting and staying fit?” There are many factors involved in being successful at losing weight and getting into shape, including the right exercise program for your body, the proper nutrition program, consistency, and hard work, just to […]

Fear as your friend

Summer is here. Does that phrase excite you or does it strike fear into your heart? You might ask what could there be to fear about summer. Hurricanes? Sharks? Yes, I’m talking more about things that we face on a regular basis. How about the fear of going to the beach and putting on your […]