Stories written by Rabbi Yossi Harlig

If it’s just a Jewish custom, why should I do it?

Men usually don’t sit and talk about their marriages and the joys of wedded life, so when they do, it’s an interesting discussion. The names of these men have been changed to protect their identities. “I love my wife,” said Abram. “That’s why I do everything she asks me to do. When she asks me […]

The Kulanu Circle – A Jewish education program for children with special needs has finally arrived!


Chabad of Kendall & Pinecrest is proud to offer The Kulanu Circle – the only program in Miami that provides a Jewish education to children with special needs. Before starting this one-of-a-kind program last year, Jewish families found no opportunities for their children with special needs to attend a Hebrew school. The lives of the […]

Climbing your mountain

One of the most perplexing stories in the Bible is the story of the Binding of Isaac. God commands Abraham to climb a mountain and bring his only child as a sacrifice. Why a mountain? On the mountaintop, no one could witness and praise Abraham’s faithfulness and sacrifice. Abraham’s lonely journey up the mountain to […]

Do you stop to listen to the music?

This is a true story. One cold morning at a metro station in Washington, D.C., a man sat playing his violin. As thousands of people passed through the station on their way to work, the man played six Bach pieces. Only six onlookers paused throughout the 45-minute performance. A three-year old boy was intrigued with […]

Let there be light in New York this Chanukah

As Chanukah approaches, our friends and neighbors in the northeast are struggling to recover from Hurricane Sandy. Many in the Jewish community have lost everything and are not able to return to their homes. Others are without electricity, a kosher meal or a place to congregate. The children of the Sholem Epelbaum Chabad Hebrew School […]

Do a few extra minutes really matter?

It is not uncommon to hear people say, “We’ve got a few hours to kill.” Why do we use the phrase “killing time”? We may waste paper by not using it wisely, but we don’t say we’re killing paper. When we don’t use our time wisely, we do, in fact, kill time. It is gone, […]

Hebrew School is for all Jewish kids

The Friendship Circle Hebrew School provides children with special needs a quality Judaic program that teaches the Jewish way of life. The mission is to educate children about the richness of their Jewish heritage and to instill pride and selfassurance in their identity as valued members of the community. Before starting this one-of-a-kind program, Jewish […]

Which candidate are we endorsing?

As America gears up for Election Day, another “election” is taking place. This Rosh Hashanah, as on every other one, God will be voted in for another year-long term. The vote is cast through simple acts of devotion, goodness and kindness and belief in His ultimate rulership. Throughout the year, our calendar is filled with […]

Music makes the world go round

Music can be a motivating, fun way to teach children, particularly children who have special learning needs.

Summer did not end quietly at the Friendship Circle, and that’s just how we like it. The campus was bustling with children and volunteers enjoying the last week of summer and making beautiful music together. At the Friendship Circle summer camp for children with special needs, we launched an exciting new music program to teach […]

Hebrew School — foundation for a lifetime of learning


As summer winds down and thoughts turn to back to school, I begin receiving calls from parents asking when to enroll their child in Hebrew School and how long it takes to prepare their child for his or her Bar or Bat Mitzvah. My answer – it takes 10 minutes. If the goal is to […]

My experience in prison

Rabbi Yossi Harlig

Many people are not aware of the plight of the 5,000 Jews that are in prisons all across America. Prison is a dark and lonely place. It alienates these men and women from their families and community. The prison system makes it very difficult to maintain sanity and self-worth, and even more difficult to properly […]

‘Evening of Love and Intimacy’ set for Dec. 3

Author M. Gary Neuman

By Rabbi Yossi Harlig…. Marriage and relationships, like everything worthwhile in life, require dedication, effort and energy. You juggle family, career and volunteer work, and in the hustle and bustle of everyday life you may forget to slow down and enjoy the people you love. We yearn to love and be loved. For marriages and […]

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