Stories written by Rabbi Yisrael Baron

Prepare early for a meaningful Passover

Passover is coming! There is much to do to make the holiday more meaningful and complete. Passover is the most ancient of all rituals. It has been passed down in an unbroken chain of tradition for more than 3,300 years. We celebrate Passover because it commemorates the birth of our nation – when we fled […]

Where’s everybody?

Rabbi Yisrael Baron
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Pharaoh had an immigrant problem. The Hebrews who had moved to Ancient Egypt were now multiplying at an alarming rate. “The country will be run over by foreigners! They will drive us from our land!” Forget that it was one of their own, Joseph, who as viceroy had saved the entire country from devastation by […]

A new way to repent at Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur, which begins at sundown on Friday, is the holiest day of the year. Tradition would have it that people spend every evening before Yom Kippur pondering their sins and their faults and everything bad about themselves. While repenting during the High Holy Days, many may spend a lot of their time crying and […]

Why I cried — the most impactful week of my life

Why I cried — the most impactful week of my life

Poland where I went on the March of the Living – a life experience that shook me to the core. Stepping onto Auschwitz’s dirt roads, treading on the train tracks of Birkenau, feeling the tombstones at Treblinka, touching the shoes and staring incomprehensibly at the ashes in Majdanek are experiences we had to attempt to […]

Jumping Out of the Box


“It is not the consumer’s job to know what he wants,” Steve Jobs responded when asked if he had done any market research. How can the consumer request a product that has yet to be invented? A true visionary sees opportunity and potential where most people see nothing at all. Over the last century, many […]

Time to Wake Up!

We have all heard it many times. We must decrease our carbon footprint. We must be more green and earthfriendly. As a boy, I remember how when we went hiking in the woods they would tell us, “Don’t leave any wrappers or any mess behind. Leave the trail the way you found it.” In Genesis, […]

Walking 4 Friendship, giving to others

Walking 4 Friendship, giving to others

This year’s Walking 4 Friendship event on Sunday, Feb. 10, was bigger and better than ever. More than 1,000 children, teens, parents, grandparents and supporters participated in the fourth annual 3k walk and gave with their hearts to benefit the Friendship Circle. This joyous event brings out the best of the human spirit. I want […]

Naked Beauty

Imagine looking down at a large marble stone in its natural state, never cut from the earth, not yet trimmed or polished. Now imagine this stone, still in its raw state, being used as a primitive rough floor of a building that was built on top of it. But then, in order to protect people […]

I am from Auschwitz

I am from Auschwitz

“I am from Auschwitz,” proclaimed Sam, when I asked him where he was from. How do you argue with a statement like that? Especially coming from someone who had just moments before, told me that he had never even had a chance to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah. War and the Holocaust took him from being […]

The Formula for Success

I used to visit Cliff in his office every week when I would help him put on Tefillin and say a prayer. Cliff was an architect who had been in the business for many years, and was approaching retirement. I respected Cliff tremendously, because his industry had changed dramatically as everything became computerized, and I […]

Gaining control

Rabbi Yisreal Baron

Before they built those tall buildings in Sunny Isles Beach, I would love driving over the William Lehman Causeway at a fast pace. There was this point, just before the top of the bridge, where you could see nothing but the sea on the other side. It felt like once you went over the top, […]

The work it takes to enjoy our gifts

Why do so many successful entertainers self destruct? Do you know what a halfway house is? People released early from jail, on probation, usually go first to a halfway house. Then at a certain point they are allowed to go home. We knew Adam before he was incarcerated. He was very nervous about his pending […]

Can We Die Healthy?


Yellow lights at intersections seem a lot shorter than they used to be when I was a kid. I am convinced that they make those lights shorter so they can catch you with those red light cameras. When I told my kids about my thoughts, my daughter challenged me. She said that maybe time goes […]