Stories written by Patricia Frank

Banish the temptation to covet

Patricia C. Frank

Regardless of your beliefs or your religious affiliations there are strong reasons not to covet. To covet is to strongly desire another’s possessions or attributes. Depending on the degree of your desire you may just hanker for, or have a yen for something, or you may experience a deep hunger for and painful longing for […]

From Carefree to Caregiver

Patricia C. Frank

It can happen in an instant or it may have been coming for a while. The results are the same. Circumstances change and your life is altered forever. One minute you are a carefree spirit and the next you are a caregiver. You, literally, go from a person with manageable responsibilities to a person with […]

Transference at Work can be Perilous


Transference is when you redirect your childhood thoughts, beliefs and emotions about a person onto a new person later in life. It is a psychological phenomenon that is usually unconscious. Transference in the workplace occurs when certain people and situations are reminiscent of your prior relationships and situations. You may not recognize these feelings or […]

Finding the Silver Lining


Sometimes, something that happens has an unexpected and unplanned outcome in your life. If it is a negative event it can be upsetting and even devastating. At the very least it is disappointing. Usually it is an event that centers around your control or your lack of control. There is an element of chance involved […]

Love Notes – Valentine’s Day and Everyday


It used to be a tradition to send Valentine’s cards or notes to your classmates when you were in the lower grades in school. The number of cards you received was supposed to determine how popular you were and how much you were liked. The time before Valentine’s Day, was full of anticipation and in […]

May the Force be with you


Science has proven that the Universe is full of cosmic energy. Science has also proven that human beings have an electrical field and emit electrical impulses, as well. It is very important that you accept that fact. Once you accept that fact you can connect with your own energy field your own life force and […]

Time to take the test

Patricia C. Frank

There is a test that you should take every now and then to make sure you and your life are on the right track. There is nothing worse than having an “ah ha” moment when it is too late to change or fix something. “Ah ha” becomes “Oh no”. It is important to live your […]

Holiday Magic and Miracles

Patricia C. Frank

One of the reasons that the Holidays are so special is how they make you feel. They touch something very basic deep inside of you. They allow you to experience the wonder of magic and miracles. They are stimulating, inspiring and exciting. They raise your expectations. It is very important to anticipate and expect wonderful […]

‘Gift Giving’


This holiday season, what do you get for “the city that has everything?” If you were going to make a gift list for Aventura, it might feature some very special attributes like these: *The Gift of Patience – So what if Biscayne Boulevard’s backed up with traffic? If more people had the patience of a […]

Giving Thanks is Instinctive

Patricia Frank

By Patricia Frank…. Patricia Frank A recent front page story reported a touching story about a female humpback whale that had become entangled in a web of crab pots and lines. She was weighed down by hundreds of pounds of these traps and by hundreds of yards of lines that were wrapped tightly, completely around […]

The Wise old Owl

Patricia Frank

By Patricia Frank…. The owl’s head is able to turn 270 degrees so he can see more aspects of a situation or problem. He also has excellent night vision. He can see in the dark which allows him to see all of the nuances of an issue. Being able to see in the light and […]

Avoid Fault Finders

Patricia C. Frank

By Patricia Frank…. Some people find fault with everyone and everything. They often set you up to fail. If you are in a relationship with someone like this you will be very, very unhappy and very uncomfortable. If you are an adult, get out of the relationship if you can. At least limit your time […]

Driven to Distraction

Patricia Frank

By Patricia Frank…. When a person is driven to distraction they are almost driven to a state of madness. They feel crazed. They may feel furious, incensed and enraged. They cannot focus or concentrate. This state is generated by other people and situations. They cause you to feel negative emotions that you do not normally […]

Fear of Compromise

Patricia Frank

By Patricia Frank…. Maybe your difficulty making a commitment to someone or something is really a fear of compromising. Maybe, you do not want to have to accept the compromises that are part of all relationships. It is more about perceived loss of freedom and personal integrity than the actual loss. It is also about […]

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