Stories written by Patricia Frank

Get Back in the Saddle

There is an old adage that when you fall off a horse, you must get back on the horse immediately. If you don’t you may never get back in the saddle. Time is of the essence. The premise is that fear will build up inside of you and will prevent you from ever mounting a […]

Janus and January

The month of January is named after Janus a very important Roman God. He is the God of the gates, doors and portals. He is the guardian of exits and entrances. You must go through a gate or door and emerge through a gate or door before entering a new place. Metaphorically, this can represent […]

Gift behind the Gift

The final countdown has begun. Only a few more shopping days left to find the perfect gift. Of course, as they say, “It’s the thought that counts.” While this is very true, it is also true that it is the gift behind the gift that counts, as well. While you are shopping, focus on something […]

The Cranky Cure

Being cranky is a feeling. You might not even know that you are cranky. You may just feel testy, irritable, cantankerous, snappish, ill-tempered, bad tempered or short-tempered and a bit peevish or crotchety. What makes you cranky? Make a list of the things you feel cranky about in that very moment. Sometimes, it is a […]

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

“The dog ate my homework”, “The bus was late”, “The computer was down”, “The check is in the mail”, and “It’s not you it’s me”, are just a few of the most commonly used excuses. An excuse is an attempt to lessen the blame attached to something. It is an attempt to obtain an exemption […]

Cascading Avalanches

When things start to go wrong they often continue to go wrong much like an avalanche rolling down a hill gathering momentum and getting larger and larger as it goes. An avalanche overtakes and consumes everything in its path. There is no way to stop it. In real life, one thing after another can just […]

Early Warning Signs


Have you ever heard someone say, “I never saw it coming” when referring to a dismissal, break up or divorce? It might not always seem plausible but it is definitely possible. It is often easy to miss the subtle clues and cues when a relationship is over emotionally for the other person. To protect yourself […]

Your Unlimited Possibilities


Sometimes there are pearls of wisdom in unexpected places. There is a Garfield cartoon that shows Garfield the cat and Odie the dog running towards a tree. The next thing you see is Garfield and Odie sitting on the tree branch. Their owner is looking up at them and says, “Odie! Dogs can’t climb trees!” […]

Parallels in Golf and Life

Every sport has different benefits and different life lessons to learn and incorporate into your life. Every sport has different mantras. A mantra is a catchword or phrase. It becomes a motto or rule of behavior for that particular sport. It is sort of a slogan, a short, catchy, concise phrase that is repeated to […]

Alienation and Aliens

When something senseless and horrific happens, people seek answers and understanding. They wonder, “How could this happen?” and “Why did this happen?” Everyone struggles to make sense of the vile and heinous crime that has been committed. The evil involved is difficult to digest and impossible to accept. One possible explanation is alienation. The English […]

The Universal Lament

When something distressing happens, the first thought that enters your head and the first question out of your mouth is usually, “Why?” “Why me?” When good things happen you never seem to ask yourself, “Why me?” It is natural and normal to think that you deserve and are entitled to the good things that happen […]

The Fog Dilemma

Just about everyone is familiar with fog. It is a condensed vapor, a thick, misty cloud suspended in the atmosphere near the earth’s surface. Fog can be so thick that it obscures things completely. The building and objects that you look at every day cannot be seen at all. If you were to show someone […]

Always be Trawing

A trawl is a large wide-mouthed fishing net dragged by a boat along the sea bottom for the purpose of catching fish. It catches all kinds of fish. Some are desirable, some are not. You never know what you will catch in your net. Trawling is also a term used to describe a style of […]

Signs of Recovery

Sometimes, when people are chronically unhappy or non-clinically depressed, they may not notice when things are changing and getting better. They are waiting for and they expect a big “Ah Ha” moment. However, sometimes it does not happen like that. The first signs of recovery can be very subtle. They are so subtle that you […]

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