Stories written by Pat Morgan

Healthy Mind, Body Best for Health 2014 Business

As a CEO, entrepreneur or busy professional we often start the year looking at our businesses’ fiscal soundness, yet forget about our own physical wellbeing. In the quest for success and a constant pressure to meet deadlines, deal with issues and keep the business afloat, it is easy to overlook our own self-care. The never-ending […]

If you want to lead, first lead yourself

Until you can lead yourself, you have no business trying to lead someone else. First of all, you will not be successful because others will sense your lack of assurance and self leadership. When you lead yourself, you become attractive to other people who sense something different about you and want to emulate your habits […]

Enter the ‘No Failure Zone’

“There is more to you than you know. If you can be made to see that, perhaps for the rest of your life you will be unwilling to settle for less.” I came across these words by Kurt Hahn, the founder of Outward Bound, an adventure program that stretches the limits of your trust, risk-taking […]

Top 10 tips for networking success

Create win-win connections and relationships that lead to success! Networking works. A wise mentor once told me, “Where two are more are gathered, there is a networking opportunity.” When I started my business in Miami 10 years ago, I made networking the centerpiece of my marketing strategy. New to the city, I needed a way […]

Do you need a ‘not-to-do’ list?

Would you benefit from identifying “not to do” things that will propel you to success more quickly and easily? When you strategize for success, you typically focus on things you will do and steps you will take to reach your goal. Without a doubt, that is an excellent strategy. However, there may be things getting […]

The secret to smart goals

How many times have you set a goal based on what someone else wanted for you? Did you choose your career, car, home or hobbies because a well-meaning person, maybe a loved one, thought it was perfect for you? How did it work out when you tried to follow someone else’s goal? Were you successful? […]

What a difference a year makes!

The other morning as I was running across the Rickenbacker Causeway, enjoying the fresh breeze and amazing views, I began reflecting on the past year and how much my life has changed in just 12 short months. It is amazing when you think about how much change we experience in the span of a year. […]

Top 10 tips for keeping your sanity during the holiday

The holidays are in full-swing! Why do we attempt superhuman acts during this time of year as we struggle to jam a year’s worth of celebration, shopping, cooking and gift-giving into just a few short weeks at holiday time? What if there was a way to relax into the holidays with less stress and more […]

Make sure you adopt healthy holiday habits

The holidays are just around the corner, and with them come the many temptations to let go of your healthy habits as you indulge in the abundance of food, drink, parties, shopping, late nights and more. You know how it goes. You justify eating too many sweets, too much stuffing, marshmallow- covered sweet potatoes and […]

The life in your years

My dear Aunt Peggy died not long ago after being sick for quite some time. As with any death, those left behind are saddened by her passing. Yet, mixed with those feelings of sadness and loss are also feelings of happiness and joy. Aunt Peggy lived a full, rich life during her 82 years. She […]

Success comes in ‘cans’

Once you decide todo something, you are on your way to making it a reality. I remember when I made an important decision to start running many years ago. I thought running would be a great way to get in shape and also believed it was something I could be successful doing. A trusted friend […]

What is success?

How do you define success? It is interesting how many people are unclear about what success means to them. Uncertain about what they want in life, they drift with the current and stray from their vision for a successful life. Success is different for each of us. The majority of people share some common desires […]

Energize your life!


Are you buried under draining to-do lists, never-ending activities, non-stop phone calls, messages and email? Do you rush from meeting to meeting trying to keep up with the demands of the day? Are you exhausted and overwhelmed? Would you like to have more energy to get it all done? Recharging your batteries is fundamental to […]

Time to check in on your goals for 2012


It is hard to believe that 2012 is more than half over already. Time seems to fly! It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the beginning of the New Year and making plans to make our dreams come true. How are you doing? Have you made the progress you intended so far? Are you […]

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