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You can help ‘Pick the Flick’ for the next Movie Night

Palmetto Bay “Pick the Flick” As part of their Earth Week Celebration taking place during April 21-26 the village is conducting a survey for residents to help “Pick the Flick” (the movie, that is) that will show during their April 25 Movie Night at Coral Reef Park. The movie choices are: “Cloudy with a Chance […]

Firefighters from Stations 34 and 55 to be honored

If you see this in time to attend, the next meeting of the Concerned Citizens of Cutler Bay takes place on Tuesday, April 1, 7:00 p.m. at the United Methodist Church of Cutler Ridge, 20740 Old Cutler Road, in Cutler Bay. At this meeting the group will recognize and honor the firefighters from Stations 34 […]

Where did all the police go?

City of South Miami

Looks like the cops patrolling the Lee Park Condo complex on SW 62 Ave and 68 St have disappeared as of late. I wonder if that has something to do with the recent city election. For a few months right before the February election, South Miami’s finest were patrolling the area and by virtue of […]

Officer Alejandro Rodriguez honored for 30 years service

Officer Alejandro Rodriguez honored for 30 years service

At the March 3rd Village Council Meeting a special moment came at the beginning of the session when Officer Alejandro Rodriguez, who serves in the Palmetto Bay Policing Unit, was recognized for 30 years of service with the Miami-Dade Police Department. Village Police Commander Greg Truitt presented Officer Rodriguez with a certificate honoring the achievement […]

Caribbean Boulevard undergoes roadway improvement project

Drivers in Cutler Bay, you may have already noticed this, but if not be aware that the Caribbean Boulevard Roadway Improvement Project is underway. It started on March 5th and runs through April 30th, so it’s of relatively short duration! Much quicker than the Old Cutler Road project. Work on Caribbean Boulevard is in the […]

Is the city going to pot?

walter harris

Well, it all depends on who’s blowing the smoke. According to state wide polls it appears that 65 to 70 percent of voters in the state of Florida would vote for legalizing MEDICAL marijuana. So come this November, voters will have a chance to render their collective opinion to either blow it up or down. […]

It’s all up to Gabriel Edmund


OK, folks, now that there is one new city commissioner sitting up on the dais, it should interesting to see if a voice of reason can help redirect the craziness of the last two plus years. Some folks think that because now ex-commissioner Valerie Newman is gone and Gabriel Edmond is there, things will be […]

And the results are in…

And the results are in...

In a surprise to no one, the “Stoddard Team won the Hot Tamale at last week’s city election The new posse is now comprised of Stoddard, who will serve as mayor for two more years, Wally Harris, who was elected Vice Mayor, and newcomer Gabriel Edmond in his second try, won a four year commission […]

Town’s Police Unit to discuss safety and crime at meeting

Better hurry on this one, since it’s the night of Tuesday, February 4! The Concerned Citizens of Cutler Bay are hosting, “by popular demand,” the Cutler Bay Police Department’s Neighborhood Resource Unit to discuss safety tips, crime statistics, neighborhood watch, and recent news. The time is 7:00 p.m. at the Cutler Ridge United Methodist Church, […]

Looking ahead: What’s in store for Cutler Bay?

Cutler Bay residents can expect to see a number of things going on in 2014, and although we don’t have a crystal ball we do have a few reliable sources, so we feel safe in making a few predictions. There’ll be two important meetings in the coming months, so watch for the details to be […]

And so… it begins

The battle line lines have been drawn and it’s off to the races.Yup, the city election is coming up next month. First day at polls is Feb. 8 and then you can vote for the yahoo of your choice on Feb 11th. Of course, lots of folks cast the votes via absentee ballots which always […]

Will we see more of the same or something new?

Well folks, it’s January of 2014, the start of a new year. Or is it? We all know at least at some level that the calendar dates are really just an arbitrary way of keeping track of time and that conditions that were with us all through 2013 are pretty much still going to be […]

Some drivers still seem confused by traffic circles

Talk about going around in circles… We’ve been hearing from a number of readers that traffic circles and roundabouts in the community are causing a bit of a problem, not because of the traffic circles themselves, which are designed to improve the flow of traffic and reduce accidents, but simply because many drivers still don’t […]

New fire rescue station is the topic of meeting

The village is hosting a Town Hall Meeting on Dec. 11 at 7 p.m. about the proposed Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Station No. 62, to be located at the USDA Agricultural Research Service Station, adjacent to the main building at 13621 Old Cutler Road. “This site will not require relocation of any planting areas or require […]