Stories written by Gregory T. Conterio

To Cloud… or Not to Cloud!


My company dove into the “Cloud” in 2005, before there even was a cloud. As a Managed Service Provider, I was one of the first in South Florida to embrace its sometimes radical change of cloud-based delivery of applications, data and services. While you might think as an early adapter, I would be evangelizing the […]

Disaster Planning & Recovery It’s about more than just having a Backup

Gregory T. Conterio

Hurricane season is in full-swing once again here in Florida, and while it has been quiet so far, the storms brewing right now in the Caribbean should remind us of the need to be prepared. Hopefully you’re doing more than finger-crossing when it comes to protecting your business technology systems and your data. After Hurricane […]

Windows 7- Microsoft finally gets it right

A couple years ago, Microsoft released  a new desktop operating system, Vista, which couldn’t have been more of a disaster.  Despite a long beta-testing period, Vista was clearly not ready for the market. It sported an entirely new interface, imposing an unnecessary learning curve on users, had lots of device driver problems, and was downright […]