Stories written by Dr. FRANK MAYE

Delivering an integral approach to emotional and mental health

Dr. Frank Maye, DOM (NMD)

When talking about an integral approach to emotional health, the term integral is not integrative or complimentary. Integral is not a mainstream approach. Integral simply implies that a team concept is adopted, and the team agrees to use whatever strategies work best for the patient. Patients benefit from a variety of disciplines which all work […]

Stress and our future

Frank M. Maye, D.O.M., [NMD]

“My Best Health Portal” describes the following as the most searched health issues of today. The ranking for top ten medical problems including disease and symptomatology: Rank Condition 1 Back or neck problems 2 Allergies 3 Arthritis or rheumatism 4 Difficulty walking 5 Frequent headaches 6 Lung problems 7 Digestive problems 8 Gynecological problems 9 […]

New Years Resolutions Success strategies


A New Year is here along with the opportunity to take steps to turn ambitions into reality. It is a time to reflect on what has been working and what areas of life need improvement. This time of year is a great chance to fully tap into where you are in your life and make […]