Stories written by Dr Fabian Redler PsyD LCSW

Is your student brain-ready for this school year?


Students may not have finished their school year quite the way they had planned. They may have had all the good intentions and supportive teachers, but brain science tells us that motivation and education are only one piece of the intricate puzzle. As students move through the maze of education, school alone does little to […]

“How Brain Functioning Affects Learning, & What Can Be Done To Improve Your Child’s Ability” ©

Dr Fabian Redler, PsyD, LCSW

Learning involves filling our knowledge-bank with information, and teaching does just that. However when a student is struggling to learn, or when a student wants to expand how much they can learn, teaching has its limitations because it does little to expand the brain’s capacity to hold more information. It’s like trying to fit six […]