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Advice for getting through a divorce

I’ve been out of the dating arena for a while and I know the “rules” have changed, but how long should I wait before having sex with someone that I’ve been seeing for a while? A little help here. I always laugh when people talk about dating rules. I didn’t realize there were any rules […]

Advice for getting through a divorce

I have been divorced for over a year and everyone is telling me I need to get back out there. Is a year enough time or should I wait longer? After a divorce, there is an adjustment period in all areas of one’s life and dating is part of the pie. How much time one […]

Christmas in San Antonio – The Playground of Texas

I know y’all think Texas is synonymous with cowboys but did you know that there are vineyards in the Lone Star State? Oh, yeah, and there is Sea World, Six Flags, historical landmarks and Fredericksburg, a German influenced town, all within driving distance of The Westin La Cantera, a fabulous resort in the Hill Country […]

Advice for getting through a divorce

I don’t know how to say this other than very simply say, it’s not fair! Nothing about my divorce or post divorce is fair. The scales of justice seem very unbalanced and I’m stuck. Help! Signed, Stuck Dear Stuck, I will be happy to address It’s Not Fair and Other Fairy Tales. Let’s talk about […]

There’s more to Nashville than country music

To all my faithful followers, all I can say is, “My boots are packed and I’m moving to Nashville!” Well, not really, but let me share with you what has led to this yearning. Having been a late bloomer to the love of country music, I had never considered walking down Honky Tonk Row as […]

Advice for getting through a divorce

My son is off to college and overnight I’m an empty nester. This is not what I expected. All my friends who are empty nesters are talking about what they are going to be doing with their husbands and how nice it is to come home and sit with a glass of wine, just the […]

Ann Arbor, Michigan is Much More Than Wolverine Territory

When you think of Ann Arbor you think of the University of Michigan but there is so much more afoot on the streets of this university town. Whether you are a Wolverine alum, parent of an incoming student or just traveling in the vicinity of Ann Arbor, one must stop and explore this vibrant and […]

The time is Now to stop the violence

Since 1968, more than 400,000 Americans have been killed with guns. Each day, an average of 34 Americans will die as a result of gun violence. This is totally unacceptable and it is time for a national conversation about the astronomical gun violence in the U.S. and how we can curb this terrible problem. The […]

Life’s Lessons

This summer my dad passed away and even as he lay there in his final days, he taught me some life lessons in his silence. As I spent silent hour upon silent hour at his bedside, I thought of that old cliché about life being too short. As I pondered that particular one, many more […]

The Abacos — paradise with or without a boat

The Abacos  paradise with or without a boat 1-featured

They say ignorance is bliss but in this case I was missing out on a whole new experience. I have always thought that to enjoy the Bahamas you had to own a boat. Living in Miami, talk of the Bahamas is like saying your going to Publix. I would listen as people would talk about […]

Heaven’s Gate is in Sedona, Arizona

Heaven’s Gate

Nestled between monolithic red rocks at the entrance to Boynton Canyon, long considered sacred ground by Native Americans, is The Enchantment Resort, a 70-acre retreat surrounded by the natural splendor of the Coconino National Forest. Opened in 1987 as a tennis facility, The Enchantment Resort has transformed over the years into something that can be […]

Advice for getting through a divorce


I think one of the most difficult things for me during this divorce is getting myself organized. I feel like I am always spinning my wheels and not being productive. I can’t even get to the bathroom in time. Well, I like to see that you still have your sense of humor. Sometimes just being […]

Advice for getting through a divorce


My husband was a bully when I was married to him and he continues to try to bully me even though we are divorced. He’s self-centered and it’s always about him. He has no conscience and I’m not sure he even knows what love is; and on top of it all, he is a master […]

Advice for getting through a divorce


I’ve been divorced for four years and have a teenage son. I work freelance, but my support is my alimony. My concern is, should I go back to work during this difficult teenage time or should I stay home and take advantage of my situation until I have no other choice financially? Returning to the […]

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