Stories written by Dan Palmer

Wandering & Pondering: Feeling Well

Jane is a devoted sickey. You name a disease and she has had it or will have it in the near future. She is an 80-year-old, who according to her, has never been healthy in her entire life. She has outlived three husbands and countless lovers but to her there has never been a week […]

Wandering & Pondering: Valerie at 50!

Ran into Valerie after all these years, quite an experience since she has some life. First of all she looks as alive as she was in her 30s. She is also still the far right symbol of conservatism where she is against any abortion, gay rights and whatever else you can come up with. She […]

Wandering & Pondering – How did I get here?

I thought when I married Elaine that we would be together forever. Then “E” got sick and the wedding vowels, Until Death Do Us Part became my life. My love was gone from this earth but not from my heart. Several years have passed and not a day goes by without thoughts of our life […]

Wandering & Pondering – MEN’S HEALTH – PROSTATE CANCER

In the US, one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime making it the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men after skin cancer. In 2013, over 238,000 new cases of the disease will be diagnosed and almost 30,000 men will die of prostate cancer in the U.S. alone. Despite these […]

Wandering and Pondering – The Property

My mother’s brother had a piece of property in upstate New York. Bought it when it was just a piece of land. He also had a small store but no wife. The store was Jerry’s Emporium and he sold everything. Never got married even though he had a long time girlfriend, Lorraine, who was 30 […]

Wandering & Pondering – The Quiet Hero

Dr. William J Carson — Veterinarian and friend to all As any animal lover knows, our pets are our kids, and we would literally do anything for them. Anyone who brought their “family members” to The Bild Animal Hospital in North Miami and met Dr. William Carson, knew immediately they were in the right place. […]

Wandering & Pondering – The Widow

She was widowed two months ago when her husband was killed in an auto accident. She doesn’t know how to be a widow. It had been a second marriage that had lasted for five years. He had two young daughters and she had been excited about putting together a combined family. It didn’t work out […]

Wandering & Pondering-Buddies

Pat and George were very good friends, maybe considered buddies. They had known each other a few years and became pretty close as they helped each other through a few quick romances that fell apart. They found that they could help each other recover from a few, not so hot romances. He was a real […]

Wandering & Pondering – Just Listen

Jerry considers himself a good listener in the sense that he always lets the talker say what he or she was spouting about. When the talker was finished, he awould give his opinion and was sure that everyone was satisfied with his spouting. It bothered him a bit when in two of his recent relationships […]

Wandering & Pondering-Figures

Morty is a great businessman with one lousy habit… He is a gambler and thinks he is good but his bookies just love him. In fact he is their model loser. He always has bet and the bookies salivate. He’ll bet on anything and can only remember the few bets he has won. All others […]

Wandering & Pondering-The Housekeeper

She was married at 20 and quickly had two daughters. Spent their growing up years trying to take care of them with a husband that liked using her as a punching bag. After 23 years of this and with the daughters having moved out and setting up their own lives, she decided to get a […]

Wandering -Joy

Joy is all of 26 and is wondering what more can happen. Her parents divorced when she was young; the father moved to France, her mother stayed in the States. As a result she bounced around between them and discovered a lot of territory before she got through her teens. She was very attractive and […]

Wandering & Pondering-Unwanted John

When John was five years old his parents divorced. He was so interested in reorganizing her life, that he was shifted to an aunt for awhile then another one for a bit, then his father remarried and he was moved again… Actually he never felt wanted. Getting married became an occupation for him. He married […]

Wandering & Pondering Sneaky Sam


Everyone knows “Sneaky Sam…” Maybe by another name but any business knows him. The guy that when the “Boss” has a meeting he is the one cheering up the boss and telling everyone that what the boss is talking about are the words of gospel, then when the boss goes elsewhere he stays behind doing […]

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