Stories written by Carlos Garcia Co-Chairman

MDX under fire from residents, KFHA joins dialogue

Roll Back Tolls representatives once again went before the Miami-Dade County Commission late last month to express the community’s growing concern about the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX) and rising cost of driving a vehicle on county expressways. The MDX has slated a 50 percent toll-rate hike to go into effect in 2014 on the 836 […]

Sign our petition to stop the MDX plan to raise highway tolls

We need your help and signature on our petition. Without your help, we will all soon see 50 percent higher toll rates, and outof- control future increases are coming if we don’t do something now! The Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX) is proposing to increase the per-mile toll rate (presently .11 cents) on the Dolphin 836 […]

50% toll hike coming for Dolphin, airport expressways

Your Miami-Dade Expressway Authority has big plans for the future. They include a 50 percent toll rate increase on two major thoroughfares — State Road 836, the Dolphin Expressway, and State Road 112, the Airport Expressway. MDX also plans to implement Consumer Price Indexing for future rate increases on all toll roads, including State Roads […]

Residents hear MDX plans for busway toll road at town hall meeting

Residents hear MDX plans for busway toll road at town hall meeting

The public town hall meeting late last month in Pinecrest Gardens to review and discuss the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority’s plan to convert the busway adjacent to U.S.1 into a toll road was a huge success for the public and the community. RollBackTolls is proud to have been at the lead on suggesting and organizing the […]

New tolls coming to SR836 and SR 112 as MDX seeks $800M


MDX, the acronym for the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, recently held a workshop where they voted unanimously to adapt a new toll rate policy on the State Road 836 and 112 expressways. The centerpiece of this new MDX policy is the toll changes that are planned for the 836. Currently at 11 cents per mile, a […]

Drivers avoiding new MDX(Miami-Dade Expressway Authority) tolls on 874 and 878 in Kendall.

This comes as no surprise to anyone. People are protesting by avoiding these overpriced toll roads. And well they should! Even with the drop in drivers using the highway, MDX is still realizing increased revenue, up to 25% more. We still maintain that MDX, Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, should “Roll Back” toll rates because of this […]

MDX’s Beltway West Into the Everglades- A Bad Idea


Westward Ho! So desires MDX, Miami-Dade Expressway Authority and it’s board of directors. Project #83618, included in MDX’s five year work program would extend the 836 Dolphin Expressway further west to Krome Avenue and then south to the Tamiami Airport. In our dealings with MDX we have heard many reasons justifying this project; it will […]

Tolls Gone Wild!


 How far will Governor Rick Scott, FDOT and MDX go with tolls? As far as they want to. The latest plan by Robert Poole, transportation adviser to Gov. Scott, is for the state to put tolls on non-expressway roads in an effort to reduce traffic congestion. The plan actually calls for putting tolls collection gantries […]

Rental car company taking advantage of tourist that don’t sign up for Sun Pass.


We recently heard from Ken, a tourist from Tennessee, that rented a car from Thrifty Rental Car and was charged $225.00 for toll “violations”. All because he declined to rent a Sun Pass toll transponder when he picked up his rental. Thrifty Rental Car refers to each trip under a toll gantry without a Sun […]

The Idea of Abolishing MDX Is Not New.

Alex Penelas

Headline from 1999- ‘Mayor lobbies to Kill Toll Agency” A trip back in time reveals that people knew MDX(Miami-Dade Expressway Authority) had potential to grow at an alarming rate. This article from April, 1999 reveals that then Miami Dade mayor, Alex Penelas, tried to abolish MDX. Read the full article here. MDX has served it’s […]

South Dade Busway a “Boondoggle”.


Another classic example of how MDX (Miami-Dade Expressway) operates can be seen in their latest effort to build managed toll lanes (aka Lexus Lanes) along the South-Dade Busway. MDX claims that this project is only in the “study” faze and that construction is not presently planned. But don’t be fooled residents of Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay […]

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