Stories written by Bob Diamond

War of the World

Bob Diamond

Although I was only age seven, I remember vividly what happened on Sunday evening October 30, 1938. Our family was glued to our favorite media – the radio (before television). My father’s favorite dramatist was Orson Wells. With his program “Mercury Theatre on the Air,” Wells decided to adapt and update H.G. Wells’ well known […]

An Open Letter to President Obama

Bob Diamond

On occasion, you have made positive reference to words from Progressive Republican President Teddy Roosevelt. Kindly consider posthumously correcting Teddy’s biggest blunder in his otherwise outstanding presidential career, by your revoking his order concerning the 25th Infantry and granting an honorable discharge, with survivorship benefits, to the 160 Negro soldiers. On August 16, 1906 Teddy […]

Our air was not as pure as England


Patrick Henry uttered his immortal words on March 23, 1775 to encourage the American Colonies to mobilize against the encroaching British military force: “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but […]

A Third Party Candidate


Several media pundits continually raise the possibility that a current Republican presidential candidate may eventually run for president as an independent. A fascinating question? Has any such independent candidate ever defeated the successfully nominated Republican Party candidate? Yes, exactly one century ago and his campaign platform was remarkably similar to today’s issues. Although Republican incumbent […]

George Atzerodt and the Plot to Kill Lincoln


Few people realize that John Wilkes Booth’s conspiracy to assassinate Lincoln also included the killing of Vice President Andrew Johnson and Secretary of State William Seward. The time of the three assassinations was to be ten-fifteen on April 14, 1865. Atzerodt, a twenty-nine year old co-conspirator, was instructed by Booth to kill Johnson, who was […]

Mary Surratt and the plot to kill Lincoln


Mary Surratt’s life should have been spared. Mary, together with Lewis Powell, George Atzerodt and David Herold, were found guilty before a Military Tribunal of conspiracy with John Wilkes Booth to kill Lincoln and, in a rush to justice, all four were hanged on July 7, 1865 – less than three months after Lincoln’s death […]

Sexual indiscretions by presidential candidades

Bob Diamond

Recent presidential candidates from both political parties can take advice from former presidents Grover Cleveland and Thomas Jefferson as to how to respond to alleged sexual indiscretions. “Tell the truth,” they would say, “but silence may ultimately prove disastrous.” The election of 1884 pitted Democrat Grover Cleveland against Republican James G. Baine. The campaign turned […]

Adams, Jefferson and Haiti

Bob Diamond

By Bod Diamond…. Inspired by the immortal words of Thomas Jefferson in his Declaration of Independence that “All men are created equal,” Toussaint Louverture, Haiti’s founding father, began a slave insurrection against France in 1791 that was to last for 13 years. Toussaint asked President John Adams for aid for the same liberty that had […]

A Poisonous Political Campaign can be Fatal

Bob Diamond

By Bod Diamond…. Bob Diamond The presidential candidate pleaded for “greater civility in political discourse by both the media and the political parties.” Those were not the words of Herman Cain concerning recent allegations, but were said by Andrew Jackson, during the poisonous, scurrilous presidential campaign in 1828. According to presidential historian William A. DeGregorio, […]

Martin Luther, Anti-Semitism and Hitler

Bod Diamond

Two outstanding historical authors raised similar issues involving the Jews with a devastating conclusion – Jews were blamed for the Protestant Revolution. Max I Dimont (The Jews in America) questioned, “How had the Jews – who fathered Moses, Isaiah and Maimonides – end up in the ghettos of Europe?” Worldwide best-selling author William L. Shirer […]

Mormons, Jews and Simon Bamberger

Bob Diamond

By Bob Diamond…. According to the American Jewish Historical Society, Judaism is foundational to the history of Mormonism. Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism in 1830, proclaimed that his followers were direct descendants of the ancient Hebrews, with the tenth Article of Faith of Mormonism proclaiming. “We believe in the literal gathering of Israel and […]

Gen. Joseph McNarney and the Talmud

Bob Diamond

By Bob Diamond…. Although the Nazis had murdered six million Jews and burned their books, schools and synagogues, the suffering of Europe’s displaced Jews did not end with the Allied victory in 1945. Hundreds of thousands of Jews, homeless and unwelcome in their native countries, lived under poor conditions in displaced persons camps (DP) operated […]

Michele Bachmann, Our Founding Fathers and Slavery

Bob Diamond

By Bob Diamond…. With one outstanding exception, presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was wrong in her statement that our Founding Fathers did everything they could to end slavery. The revolutionary generation, with all of their extraordinary talent, could “neither solve nor face the issue of slavery.” They not only wrote slavery into our Constitution, but they […]

Joey La Motta Loses – Jake Starts Swinging


By Bob Diamond…. In 1946, I went to Newark’s Laurel Gardens to see heavily favored Bronx middleweight contender Joey La Motta fight Freddy Flores, a 3 to 1 underdog from Puerto Rico. Joey’s brother, middleweight contender Jake “Raging Bull,’ was not scheduled to appear on the card that night but that didn’t stop him from […]

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